Total taxpayers in India – Analysis of range of income and category of taxpayers

In the 125 corer population of India, income tax return filers are only 3.42 corer. It means only 2.74% people files the income tax return.  We can say 97.26% peoples depend upon 2.74% peoples of the country.

Income Range of the taxpayers in India

Now let’s study the income analysis of the taxpayers.

Income Range Number of taxpayers Percentage
To 5 lakh
247.76 lakh 72.51
5 lakh to 20 lakh
84.74 lakh 24.80
20 lakh to 50 lakh
6.74 lakh 1.97
50 lakh to 1 corer
1.42 lakh 0.42
1 corer
1.05 lakh 0.30
Total 341.71 lakh 100

 More than 72% taxpayer’s income is less than 5 lakh and there are only 0.30% people whose annual
income is more than one corer.

Different category of taxpayers in India

Out of 3.42 corer return filers 1.67 corer are the salary earners people who has filed ITR 1 or ITR 2 forms.   It means 49% peoples are the salary earners who filed the income tax returns. So 51% people are either businessman or corporate entities who have filed the income tax returns. Following table explains the category of taxpayers who filed the return.

Form No. Category of taxpayers Number of taxpayers Percentage
ITR-1 Salary
earners having one house property and income from other sources
130.10 lakh 38.07
ITR-2 Salary
earners having more than one house property /capital gain/casual income/foreign
36.14 lakh 10.58
ITR-3 Person
having income from partnership firm
7.69 lakh 2.25
ITR-4S Business
income calculated on presumptive basis
54.50 lakh 15.95
ITR-4 Business
Income when not calculative as per presumptive basis
93.43 lakh 27.34
ITR-5 When
entity is partnership firm, AOP or BOI
10.65 lakh 3.12
ITR-6 Companies other than
companies claiming exemption under section 11
7.52 lakh 2.20
ITR-7 This Form can be used by
persons including companies who are required to furnish return under section
139(4A) or section 139(4B) or section 139(4C) or section 139(4D)
1.68 lakh 0.49
  Total 341.71 lakh 100

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  1. C S gupta says

    I was looking for this information.I am very thankful to you. I am aRetired workmen from an industry in Bangalore India.Retired workmen in India are suffering very badly theirPF is returned in on e lump sum way ,that can last for 3 to4 years. I have filed aWrit petitioning Karnataka High Court. In the Central Budget 2015 2016 it is said Taxes on income is Rs.299051 crores.There are 17 crores workmen from industries.Please let me know the amount of Income Tax paid by these workmen or a Guess fig. Or Percentage wise. I have written letters to PM I am aware that it will never go to his notice. Please help whatever you can. ThanksC S GUPTA

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