Income tax department shifted its focus from civil consequences to criminal consequences

of India

 Ministry of Finance

of Revenue

 Central Board of
Direct Taxes

Block, New Delhi



Dated: 12th February, 2015


Sub:- Press Release on the shift in the
focus of the department from civil consequences to criminal consequences in
serious cases of tax evasion.



  •  During
    2014-15 (upto Dec, 2014) the ITD has conducted searches in 414 groups and
    seized undisclosed assets of Rs. 582 crore. Undisclosed income of Rs. 6769
    crore has been admitted by the tax payers during such searches. The undisclosed
    income detected as a result of further enquiries is however much more.



  •  Besides,
    1174 surveys conducted upto November, 2014 led to detection of undisclosed
    income of Rs. 4673 crore.



  •   Focus
    of investigation in the Income Tax Department (ITD) had so far been on civil
    consequences i.e. revenue augmentation.



  • In
    its crusade against black money and with a view to have credible deterrence
    against generation of black money, the Government has shifted the focus to
    successfully prosecute the offenders in shortest possible time.



  • Wilful
    attempt to evade tax is a serious offence punishable under Section 276C of the
    Income Tax Act, 1961 with imprisonment upto 7 years and fine.



  •  During
    the current year 628 prosecution complaints have been filed upto December, 2014
    56 of such prosecution complaints relate to offences concerning undisclosed
    foreign income.




(Rekha Shukla) 

of Income Tax


& Technical Co-ordination)


Central Board of
Direct Taxes

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