How to check whether Income Tax Return Acknowledgement (ITR-V) is genuine or fabricated?

 Most of income tax returns are filed online and taxpayers are giving the computerized printed copy as an acknowledgement of Income Tax Return, called as ITR-V. Therefore it is difficult for bankers to check the genuineness of ITR as it is just computerized printed pdf copy. Following are the two options for verification of ITR acknowledgement.

Option 1 – Download Online

The best option of verification of ITR- V is to ask the taxpayer to login income tax e-filing website ( and download the ITR-V in front of bankers to check its genuineness.  In this process bankers can get the genuine ITR on his own computer.

But most of taxpayers do not remember the password or they do not have password as return is filed by tax professionals and it is not practically possible to follow this procedure for each banker. 

Option 2 – Verify the ITR-V Receipt status

When banker wants to check the genuineness of ITR and when online login of taxpayer is not possible then the banker has following option to verify the ITR acknowledgement:-

Click on the given link below:

Give the input of

1.    PAN / e-Filing Acknowledgement number

2.    Assessment year

3.    and image i.e. Captcha Code

 When you give the PAN and other Details you will get the ITR-V status in following ways

1.    When return is not filed, you will get the status as “No return has been filed for this PAN and assessment year or e-filing acknowledgement number”

2.    When return filed and it is digitally signed then you will get the status as -“E-return for this assessment year or acknowledgement number is digitally signed”

 3.    When return filed and it is NOT digitally signed then there are  two possibilities

a. ITR filed online but signed acknowledgment is NOT received by Income Tax Department – CPC, Bangalore – You will get the status as ITR-V not received

b. ITR filed online but signed acknowledgment is received by Income Tax Department – CPC, Bangalore –  You will get the status as ITR-V received

It is also advisable to the bankers to verify status of ITR–V on PAN as well as e-filing acknowledgement number basis. As return many be filed but acknowledgement many be fabricated.

Drawbacks of verification by second option

We can verify only PAN and acknowledgement number but not data (like gross total income, taxes paid, etc,). If PAN and acknowledgement number is correct, but other data of the ITR-V is fabricated, then it is not possible to track such fabrication in this verification method.

 Observe ITR-V carefully

Banker can also verify the ITR-V on the basis of some observations tools (applicable when return is not digitally signed), as given below:

1.Confirm that last six digits of acknowledgement number is date of filing return, as mentioned on the acknowledgement.


2.    Check bar code carefully, the first 10 characters is the PAN, also check bar code also
contain 15 digits acknowledgement number.

3.    Banker can also cross verify the contents of ITR-V with tax challans and TDS certificate, Form 26 AS and other financial statements.

 If banker verify the ITR-V carefully as explain above then they can easily track the genuineness of ITR .


  1. CA Saburuddin Shaikh says

    Very nice article.
    I have been doing my own research on the same topic.
    PAN Card also contains date of issue, one can also check if ITR date is shown prior to PAN CARD issuance date.

    CA Saburuddin Shaikh,
    Practicing CA,

      • subhash jain says

        But if someone has reissued/remake the PAN card by updating details or just to change the photograph, then we cannot relate the date of PAN card with ITR.

        Lot of person keep 2-3 PAN card with different photo for ID purpose with same PAN details.
        So we cannot relate the date on PAN card with that of ITR in all cases.

  2. NARESH YADAV says

    sir please help me.i have received a msg from income tax department. ITR V of Acknowledgement no 5268424………………………….. for assessment year 2014-15 not received at cpc , please submit within 1230 days of filing of the return. I want know. how can i search pan no or name that person by ITR Acknowledgement no.

  3. raghavarao says

    i have filled the PAN number, it shows ITR not filed, if given the ack. number it shows ITR filed. in this case ITR filed or not

  4. Manish Bhargava says

    I received a one message from Income tax side that the ITR V not received of Pan No. CSOXXXXX8B for AY 2012-13 or AY 2013-14 in my mobile No.9251251554. but this is not my pen number will you please how can i get the information of this Pan Card i have a acknowledgement no of both Year ITR
    Acknowledgement No. for AY 2012-13 is 845041650061213 or Acknowledgement No. for AY 2013-14 is 845049700061213 return filling date is 06/12/2013.

  5. BHAVESH says




    I have not received ITR V Acknowledgment. But msg came thatI should submit the ITR V within 120 days. I have the acknowledgment no. I am not able to open as my PW may be incorrect
    How can I take print of ack

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