MVAT Rate Schedule E – Goods Not covered elsewhere for which tax rate is 12.5%

[See sections 2(26), 5 and 6]
(From 1.4.2005 to date)
Goods not covered elsewhere for which the rate of tax is 12.50%
Note – The abbreviation ? ”% ” in relation to the rate of tax indicates that tax on goods to which the entry relates shall be charged on the basis of the sale price, the tax being equal to such percentage of the sale price as is indicated against the respective goods.
Sr. No.

Name of the commodity


Rate of Tax


with effect from


(1) (2) (3) (4)
1 All goods not covered in any of the other schedules




1.4.2005 to 16/09/2016

17/09/2016 to till date



  1. classic star says

    I’m manufacturing kids shoes and sandles… Now I’m planning to sale these in maharashtra as well as out of maharashtra. I want to know what would be tax rate for maharashtra and out of maharashtra. Also tell me what would rate of tax against c form

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