This papa: -As we know that the department has also started verifying the e-way bills issued in a particular period with the invoices issued in that period.

To keep a check on the e-way bills, there is no such facility to download the consolidated report of e-way bills issued in a respective period on the e-way bill portal.

The portal allows to download the report for a maximum period of 5days at once . So if a taxpayer wants to download the full year report of the total no. of e-way bills issued then the only option left with him is to manually download the report 73 times and compile all the reports manually. Isn’t it a back breaking task for the taxpayer if he wants an yearly or monthly report?

In between, a facility was introduced wherein e way bill data can be imported on GST portal with a click while filing GSTR 1. This was though a considerable progress in return filing process but contained certain setbacks in it. Since e way bill cant be amended therefore, the imported data contained incorrect data too.

The two major developments that should be done in regard to e way bill is –

  • Amendment facility should be provided by the government
  • Option for generating yearly report should be enabled

Government has always work in the favour of assessee and we hereby appreciate the efforts of government enormous steps taken in the field of implementation of GST.

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