TORs for engagement of CA Firm as Internal Auditor at APEDA Head Quarters New Delhi

TORs for engagement of CA Firm as Internal Auditor at

APEDA Head Quarters New Delhi

Date: 25/10/2015


having following minimum qualifications are only required to submit their bid.

i)  The firm should have at least 10 years post
qualification experience.

ii) The turnover on the last audited balance sheet
should not be less than Rs. 20 lakhs per annum.

iii)The firm should have at least 3 working partners
in India.

iv)The CA firms who have already worked as Internal
Auditors with APEDA are not eligible to apply.


 a) Objective:-

 To assist APEDA, herein referred as FIRST PARTY, in scrutinizing and advising its schemes assistance
applications and on Audit Account Budgetary issues for a period of two years.

 b) Tasks to be
carried out:-

 1. To process the financial assistance claims of the
exporters under various financial assistance schemes of FIRST PARTY both on on-line system (computerized) and physical
documents and recommend the payments as per the schemes guidelines details
about the schemes of APEDA are available on APEDA’s website:
under the icon: Trade promotion schemes

2. The selected CA firm, herein referred as SECOND PARTY, will depute at least two
qualified CAs and two assistants on regular basis at FIRST PARTY’s office :3rd Floor, NCUI Building, 3 Siri
Institutional Area, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi-110016, who will be working
on full time basis from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (as per office timing) to
process and finalize the claims of the exporters beneficiaries and related agencies.
SECOND PARTY will ensure quick
disposal of cases on daily basis to avoid any pendency in normal course.
However, in urgent situations, staff of SECOND
may work on holidays to clear backlog without any additional
financial incentive. In case of absence of the required number of
CAs/Assistants, proportionate fee will be deducted.

3. Determine the tax implications such as Income Tax,
Service Tax etc of FIRST PARTY and
its employees. 4. File all types of Tax returns and also to attend the
hearings, wherever required.

5. Advise on TDS deductions of contractors, consultants and
employees etc.

6. To provide project consultancy from financial point of
view on the projects handled by FIRST
under its various schemes. 7. Analysis and vetting of contracts from
financial point of view.

8. Preparation of Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Accounts
and other statements.

9. To advise on accounting and financial matters.

10. To ascertain the extent of compliance with established
policies, plans and procedures.

11. To advise on accounting and protection of assets.

12. To recommend operational improvement in financial

13. To carry out Inspection, reconciliation, reviews and
appraisal of Financial functions of FIRST
including Regional Offices, if required.

14. To issue a CA Certificate for financial assistance as
per mandatory Performa devised under Transport Assistance Scheme of FIRST PARTY.

15. Any other job in consultation with SECOND PARTY related to financial matters assigned by FIRST PARTY.

16. The decision and the view of the FIRST PARTY in the above matters will be considered as final.

 c) Support from

provide required computers, printers, stationery and working place for 4
persons of SECOND PARTY.

Allocation of various assignments/specific job
responsibilities to the SECOND PARTY
keeping in mind their professional skills, etc, would be at the sole discretion

The above professional services will be provided by the team
members according to their area of expertise and within the applicable rules
and regulations and professional code of conduct and guidelines of the
professional bodies/ association/ institute prescribed for their members.
However, it will be the duty of the SECOND
to respond to AEPDA on
priority, whenever called by the FIRST



Sealed technical and financial bids in separate envelops are
required to be submitted within 21 days from the date of release of this
advertisement. It may be noted that conditional bids are not allowed and would
be rejected summarily.

However, in order to understand the scope of work, APEDA has
scheduled a pre-offer meeting on 30.10.2015 at 03:00 P.M. at the APEDA Delhi
Office. Interested CA firms may attend the pre-offer meeting.

Cover 1: Technical
offer: Superscribe as “Technical Officer for engagement as Internal
Auditor” to include the following documents:

i) Name and addresses of the firm.

ii) Last audited Balance Sheet of the firm

iii) Details of working partners

iv)Brief profile of the firm with past experience

Cover 2: Financial
offer: Superscribe as “Financial Offer for engagement as Internal
Auditor” to include the following details:

The Financial Quotation should be on monthly basis in Indian
Rupees. All applicable taxes should be mentioned separately, if any.

The outer sealed cover containing cover 1 and cover 2 as
indicated above should be superscribed with “Technical and Financial Offer for engagement as Internal
, and should have the name, Postal Address, Fax, E-mail,
Telephone number of the firm.



A Committee in APEDA will carry out a preliminary screening
of the CA firms and will shortlist the firms fulfilling the eligibility
requirements as per the technical offer.

The short listed bidders will be informed by APEDA to be
present at APEDA office on a particular day and time as decided and their
financial bids shall then be opened in front of them.

It is to be noted that the application of bidders not
submitting offer as per the requirements of TORs will be rejected.

 Firm quoting the
lowest price shall be selected.

Selection Committee reserves the right to accept or reject
any or all the offer at any time prior to award to contract/order, without
assigning any reasons and without incurrence of any liability on APEDA. APEDA
also reserves the right to negotiate the prices with the selected bidders to
bring down the prices.

Performa for
Technical Offer

Organization Profile Details of Organization
1. Name of Organization Company registration document to be submitted (Self
attested photocopy)

Correspondence address Contact Details

Telephone No.

Fax No.

Mobile phone No.


3. Contact Person
4. Name of the Partner

Experience (in brief)

In govt./Semi Govt./PSU

In Private

6. Permanent Account No. of Organization PAN/TIN/VAT No. Self attested photocopy
7. Annual Turnover for the last three years Chartered Accountant certified documents to be submitted

Number of Offices in India

Total number of employees

9. Self certification that neither the CA Firm nor any of its
partners have never been blacklisted by any Govt. organization
To be submitted on company letterhead
10. Any other relevant details


With stamp


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