No PAN without verification of original documents

Income tax department issued a notification regarding the change in the process of issuing the PAN card.  As per the notification No. PAN/1/3/2003/part dated 24th January 2014 following are the changes made in the new PAN application process with effect from 3rd Feb 2014 .

1.      PAN applicant has to submit the self attested copies of proof of identity, proof of address and date of birth documents along with application form.

2.    Applicant also needs to produce the original documents of proof of identity, proof of address and date of birth documents for verification with PAN facility center. Original documents will return back by the PAN facility center immediately after verification.

In new process of PAN application, one more additional document asked that is date of birth document, which was not required earlier. In spite of some issues for getting the date of birth document and original documents verification, this is really the good move from income tax department. This change will avoid the fake PAN applications which were used for fraudulent activities.  Fees for PAN applications remain same, which is Rs.105 for dispatch in India and Rs. 971 for dispatch outside India.



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