Multiple IECs against a single PAN, is need to surrendered before 31.3.2015

To be published
in the Gazette of India Extraordinary

(Part-I, Section-I) 

Government of India 

Ministry of Commerce & Industry 

Department of Commerce 

Directorate General of Foreign Trade 

Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi- 110 011



Public Notice No. 87 (RE-2013)/2009-2014 

New Delhi, dated the 17th February, 2015


Subject:          Cancellation of validity of Multiple
IECs against single PAN – reg.


The para 2.9(b) of the Handbook of Procedure (HBP-Vol.I)
(2009-2014) provides for only one IEC against a single PAN. However, it has
been noticed from the centralised IEC data bank that multiple IECs have been
obtained by some firms/companies from various Regional Authorities of DGFT
against the single PAN. This requires corrective action for maintaining
consistency with policy and data integrity.


Therefore, in exercise of powers conferred under paragraph 2.4 of the Foreign
Trade Policy (2009-2014), the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby amends
para 2.9(b) of HBP(Vol.I) (2009-14) as under:


“2.9.(b): Only one IEC shall be issued
against a single PAN. Multiple IECs issued against a single PAN will be
deactivated suo-moto after 31.03.2015.”


3. Accordingly, all Importers/exporters having multiple
IECs against a single PAN have the option of retaining any one IEC and
surrender all other IECs to the concerned RAs by 31.03.2015 for cancellation.


of Public Notice


Multiple IECs against a single PAN, if
not surrendered before 31.3.2015, will be deactivated.



(Pravir Kumar)

General of Foreign Trade


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