Key points to become a successful merchant exporter

Following are some important point to become a successful merchant exporter.

1.       Study the exporter product in detail. Exporter should have the details knowledge of the features of the products, its technical specification, a variety of the product and uses of the product.

2.       The merchant exporter should evaluate the supplier/manufacture of in totality.  He should develop the good relations with the higher management of the manufacturer.

3.       The exporter should not give over and undue importance to the price at the time of placing the order.

4.       Your purchase order should be prepared on the basis of the order received from the overseas.

5.       Merchant exporter should keep good information of alternative manufacturer / suppliers. Generally he should keep more than one supplier to maintain the consistency of the business and reduce the dependency.

6.       Exporter should build the strong system of quality check of the product.  Quality is the most important aspect in the international trade. He should always keep the record and sample of the goods exporter.

7.       Merchant should keep his knowledge update about the international prices of the products and changes in demand and supply.

8.       Strengthen logistics arrangement is very important for merchant exporter. Goods should reach to the buyer in right time and in right conditions. Export documentation should be perfect.

9.        Merchant exporter should offer win – win situation to the buyer and supplier. Buyer as well as supplier should remain happy in the trade.

10.   The merchant exporter should discuss very categorically about the requirements of the delivery of the goods. He should work out exact flow chart and moment of the goods so that timely delivery is possible.

11.   He should remain in regular touch with the shipping line and buyer until the goods delivers.

12.   Merchant exporter should be practical should not over commit the delivery date with overseas buyer.


  1. Amit kumar jain says

    Sir I m interested in entering merchant exports of medicines. What r the needful requisites for that . Please guide me

  2. mumtaz says

    for e.g if my buyer is quoting Rs4 for bag.the cost of the bag is also Rs4 should i add my expenditure and profit and give supplier the price or should i ask my supplier to quote Rs2 for should i price the product as amerchant expoter or how will i cover my expenses and get profit from exporting.please teach the pricing and how the profit will i get in exporting a product as merchant expoter.i have forgotten after long break back to business

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