Submission of Annexures with/as a part of returns for the periods starting from 1 st April 2014 and onwards – Trade Circular No. 9T of 2014 of MVAT

Description The annual sales and purchases information is received by the Sales Tax Department from all the dealers. This information is received as a part of electronic audit reports (e704) and as a part of the last returns of relevant financial year. These annual annexures of sales and … [Read more...]

Certificate to be used by a Member of Parliament/Member of Legislative Assembly/Municipal Councillor or Gazetted Officer as address and identity proof for PAN application

If any individual wants to apply for new PAN card but he has no documents as a proof address and proof of Identity then he can take certificate form Member of Parliament / Member of Legislative Assembly / Municipal Councillor or Gazetted Office. The format of such certificate is given below. Kindly … [Read more...]